A little something different

11 Mar

So how about this for a go anywhere camper !!

LPG tank to ex Army vehicle

Rugged Camper

Not everyday do we get a motorhome into our workshop quiet like this.  An Ex Army DAF rugged lorry has had this extremely well insulated and constructed accommodation mounted on the back and kitted out to allow for some luxurious camping in some of the worlds most extreme and unreachable environments.

The lorry came to us as part of this conversion to have an underslung LPG vapour tank fitted to help fuel the off grid, off road lifestyle, and run a heater, cooker and fridge.  A vapour tank and filler has been ‘very’ securely bolted up under the chassis, with fill point in close proximity.  A full set of adapters means all bases should be covered for refilling with LPG  anywhere around the world.

Trial adventure is to the Alps in two weeks time.


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