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New thermostat arrives !!

11 Nov

After many years faithful service time has come to retire the old thermostat,  this style thermostat first appeared way back on the old red Compact 1600 heaters and remained in service for the HS1600, HS1800 and HS2000 as well as the HS2800.   So after many tens of thousands of impressions the mould tool has finally cried enough.

Heatsource ThermostatIn keeping with the thermostat used on the HS2000E, as well as the range of Whale underfloor blown air heaters,  the new thermostat utilises the same control board but housed in a significantly easier to mount housing.   This new housing enables quick and easy surface mounting of the thermostat and the electric connections come pre terminated so saving having to make fiddly screw terminal connections in dark inaccessible corners.


In keeping with the principle ‘keep it simple’  this new thermostat does not disappoint.  Two easy to operate knobs allow for quick control of both the heaters operation and desired temperature levels whilst clear and concise feedback from the inbuilt LED’s provide immediate user feedback and system status.

The New Thermostat will be phased in during the period running up to the end of 2015 with all heaters being equipped with this new thermostat going forward into 2016.


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