VW T5 LPG tank

12 May

Space is a precious commodity inside your van conversion.  storing your gas outside underneath the van not only saves space inside the vehicle but allows you to quickly and easily refill the tank at your local petrol station.  Our local station charges just 0.72 per litre for LPG.  An on board level indicator tells you how much is in the tank so you wont need to use up even more space carrying a spare bottle “just in case”.

And the best part,  you can now use your van for proper winter camping expeditions.  no more Butane freezing at +3*C,  LPG freezes at -42*C so that is real heroic polar adventure stuff !!

VW T5 LPG tank under chassis

VW T5 LPG tank under chassis

The tank fitted under this T5 holds 12 litres or 6Kg of LPG.  Thats £8.64 to fill the tank !  6Kg will run one of our HS2000 heaters ‘continuously’  for 42 hours at a cost of 20.5p per hour