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Workshop Pricing

Having your Caravan or Motorhome serviced by the people who understand them properly is important. For many caravans life is hard where often the unit is left unused for many months and then pressed into service just a few times a year. Thus the potential for trouble is always present and invariably these problems will show up exactly at the time when you are trying to enjoy your holiday.

As an Approved workshop operating under the NCC AWS scheme our service technicians are trained and certified to know what and where to look for potential trouble when carrying out the annual service on your Caravan or Motorhome. They are CITO trained in Gas and Electric repairs and we also have STGW LPG Engineer on the team.

We are a Centre of Excellence for WHALE water and air heaters and carry the full range of Whale water and plumbing fittings.  As an Approved Workshop we are able to undertake manufacturers warranty work  saving you the hassle of returning the unit to your supplying dealer.

Our workshop Prices 2023

Single Axle Service £230
Twin Axle Service £290
Motorhome Service £160
Chassis Service £120
Hourly Rate £66

Prices are inclusive of VAT and exclusive of parts. Prices are for services carried out in line with ‘Approved Workshop Scheme’ recommendations and procedures.

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