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Acoustic Ducting

26 Jun

Any Blown air heating system will produce some noise.  Noise will be generated by the fan motor and  the flame burning in the combustion chamber but mainly by the heated air being pushed through the ducting and out through the vents.  For most people this sound is not enough to be an irritation and in most applications and during normal use is hardly audible.

However for some and especially those wishing to run the heater though the night then this noise can be a nuisance,  especially when the heater is switching on the thermostat.

To help reduce the levels of  sound we are pleased to now offer

acoustic ducting

acoustic ducting

Technical Acoustic Ducting.  This ducting is manufactured from a semi porous  material that will absorb a wide range of frequencies from 50 – 500 Hz.   To ensure maximum effect 1 metre of ducting should be used with no sharp bends in the run.

Having a 60mm i/d then its suitable for use with HS1600/1800/2000 heaters the Whale  underfloor space heaters and Truma heaters using 65mm o/d ducting

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